To Grow, Leave What You Know Behind

January 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last year, I was fortunate to moderate a fascinating panel discussion with Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership on the topic of “Next Generation Leadership.” One of the panelists, Rosalinde Torres, encouraged us to ask the following question: “What has made you successful in the past that you need to change to move forward as a leader?”

As we go through different phases in our personal and professional lives, we’re called upon to adapt, to marshal skills different than those we’ve used in the past. And in the modern world — where the pace of technological and social change is as fast as at any time in human history, those demands on our adaptability are greater. An exceptional grocery store cashier, for example, will need a different set of skills to be a store manager as her career evolves. And those in computer repair have had to learn and unlearn a myriad skills over the past 30 years to keep pace with the changes happening around them.

So what skills do you need to modify or leave behind to grow? For me, a few suggestions come to mind.

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